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About FOIA

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 USC 552, serves as the vehicle to obtain federal agency records, unless the records (or any portion thereof) are protected from disclosure by one of FOIA's nine exemptions or one of its three special law enforcement record exclusions. The OCC's disclosure regulation is located at 12 CFR 4. As a bureau of the United States Department of the Treasury, the OCC also complies with Treasury regulations. For further information about the Department of the Treasury's disclosure requirements, visit the Department of the Treasury FOIA site. This Web page provides members of the general public with basic information on how to gain access to records maintained by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

About the Privacy Act

The Privacy Act of 1974, 5 USC 552a, serves as the vehicle whereby individuals can gain access to information about themselves that is maintained in a system of records under the control of a federal agency. If you are requesting records about yourself  or records contained in a Privacy Act system of records please attach the required consent and proof of identity documents to your request before submitting.

Submit or Check the Status of an Appeal, FOIA or Privacy Act Request Online

Register to create an online account or Sign In to your existing account, to submit a FOIA or Privacy Act request or an Appeal. As you navigate the request submission steps please follow all prompts, look for red system warnings, and make sure that all required fields are completed. The ability to check the status details of a request, send a message to the assigned specialist, or retrieve records delivered electronically becomes available once signed in.

Submit a Certified Documents Request 

All requests for Certified Documents must be submitted and the fee paid through this FOIA application. Before submitting your Certified Documents request, be sure to read Certified Documents Guidance and Fees (follow the hyperlink or use the navigation menu labeled "How to Submit a Request" to review this information).  To submit your request you must first sign in and then click on Submit a Request, in the navigation menu.  Click on the Request Type drop-down menu and select Certified Documents, then fill in the information as required.

Search the FOIA Electronic Reading Room

Search or browse the Electronic Reading Room by clicking the link provided or by accessing the "Electronic Reading Room" link in the navigation menu.  Merger applications available during the public comment period can be viewed in the Merger Applications folder in the Electronic Reading Room.

Feel free to contact us at (202) 649-6700 if you have any questions or issues concerning the submission of a request.