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FOIA Library Popular Documents

FOIA Library documents are those that have been the subject of previous requests and appear to be of broad public interest.  Please note that Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Performance Evaluationsenforcement actions (including removals/prohibitions) taken against bankers and national banks, and the Weekly Bulletin, which lists all corporate applications received by the OCC nationwide and is updated weekly all appear elsewhere on Certain corporate applications are posted here as they are filed with the OCC.  

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Reading Room File CabinetDescription
12 CFR Part 192 FilingsMutual to Stock Conversions Offering Circulars, Press Releases and Other Filings for Federal Savings Associations.
Branch ApplicationBranch Application
Branch Purchase and AssumptionBranch Purchase and Assumption
Charter Applications 
Change in Bank Control Filings 
Comptroller RecordsCalendars, Ethics Information, Designation, Email, Miscellaenous etc.
Conversion Applications 
Freedom of Information Act Annual ReportTreasury's combined report to DOJ.
Memoranda of Understanding StatisticsStats of MOU Activity.
Merger ApplicationsMerger Applications by National Banks and Federal Savings Associations
Miscellaneous PublicationsMiscellaneous Publications
Mutual to Stock ConversionsMutual to Stock Conversions of Federal Savings Associations
Offering CircularsFor National Banks and Federal Savings Associations since January 1, 2018.
Ombudsman ReportsOut of Print Annual Reports on Complaints and Appeals
OTS Terminations Not Ever PublishedThis is NOT a comprehensive file of OTS Terminations issued prior to integration with OCC.
Purchase and AssumptionPurchase and Assumption
Securities FilingsSecurities filings by National Banks and Federal Savings Associations.
Shelf Charter ApplicationShelf Charter Application
Significant Corporate Decisions 
Wells Fargo IAP Enforcement Proceeding Filings 
Wells Fargo IAP Hearing Public Exhibitspublic (unsealed) exhibits admitted or proffered during the In re Tolstedt hearing by oral or written motion between September 13, 2021 and January 6, 2022, and appeared on the parties' joint exhibit list accepted by the Court
Wells Fargo Bank In re Tolstedt - Public Hearing Transcripts